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Octiva creates robotic labor automation solutions for the Controlled Environment Agriculture market in close collaboration and at the service of innovative growers. Octiva was created in 2021 from a merger from Priva’s robotic solutions and Octinion’s agricultural robotics.

Priva is one of the global leaders in horticulture process control, Octinion is known for building ground-breaking agricultural robotics. With teams in De Lier (The Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium), Octiva has about 50 employees.

Agricultural robotics

Our modular system for controlled environment agriculture

UV-C treatment robot


Our implement for UV-C treatment helps to protect your crop. UV-C treatment for full control of powdery mildew, leaving up to 51% less residue on the fruits, and makes the plant more resistant to pests and diseases in general.

Autonomous platform for your infrastructure


Discover our range of modular vehicles: combine Xenion with all available implements. This fully autonomous platform can navigate through your glasshouses independently for different kind of treatment of your plants. It’s available for indoor and outdoor situations, with or without rails, and without any infrastructural changes. Xenion can also be combined with third party implements.

Pilot sales

These robots will be available for you soon! At this point we only sell to pilot customers. Interested in applying for a pilot case? Contact our sales team to find out more.

Kompano deleafline

Autonomous deleafing robot dedicated to aid in managing tomato crop


Accurate harvest prediction without any structural changes to your greenhouse


Picking and sorting strawberries