About Us

Job > done.

Octiva creates robotic labor automation solutions for the Controlled Environment Agriculture market, in close collaboration and at the service of innovative growers.
With teams in De Lier (The Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium), Octiva has about 50 employees.

In 2021, Octiva was created from a merger from Priva’s robotic solutions and Octinion’s horticultural robotics. Priva is one of the global leaders in horticulture process control, Octinion is known for building ground-breaking agricultural robotics.

Our mobility solution is unique in the sector: it allows applications to move autonomously and safely within greenhouses. By joining forces with Continental in June 2022, Octiva accelerates the development and industrialization, creating the true reference platform for any kind of greenhouse automation.

Today, growers are facing huge challenges. Labor shortage, rising labor costs, training of personnel, but also high expectations concerning crop and labor quality, just to name a few. With our robotic revolution we tackle all these challenges, offering products that will help growers increase quality and yield of their produce and solve labor challenges. We get the job done.

What makes us unique

We only launch applications that create economic value. By working ‘business case first’, we have become the first party on the market to actually achieve acceptable ROI.

We believe in a platform strategy. Our fully autonomous mobility solutions are fitted for all types of greenhouses, with all variations there are today. We’re ready for all environments.

Data is key, our cloud platform captures and gives feedback on your most precious crop.

We offer complete solutions, by combining the right platform with implements fitting your needs. We offer solutions for UV-C treatment, scouting, deleafing, harvesting, spraying, spreading beneficials, …

Acceleration through collaboration

Our ambition is to become the standard autonomy platform in greenhouses. To do so, we joined forces with innovative implement manufacturers across the globe. Reach out to find out how your application can get access to our platform.