You are currently viewing Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility and Octiva are entering into a powerful partnership

Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility and Octiva are entering into a powerful partnership

To support their rapid international growth, Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility and Octiva will be working closely together. Together they can offer the modern greenhouse horticulture company a complete product portfolio in the field of logistics and automation.

Complete range of intelligent products

Through collaboration both parties can fully focus on their strengths. Both players operate in the global Controlled Environment Agriculture market. Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility (based in Asten and Bleijswijk, the Netherlands) develops, produces and installs complete greenhouse logistics solutions for greenhouse vegetables, which are very specific products such as scissor lifts, harvesting trolleys and AGVs for the greenhouse. Octiva creates robotic labor automation solutions with teams in De Lier (Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium), in close collaboration and at the service of innovative growers. Octiva has autonomous applications such as UV-C crop protection, scouting, autonomous spraying and spreading of beneficials, and many innovations still in development.

Power and speed through cooperation

Both parties believe in acceleration through cooperation. As a sister company of Taks Handling Systems, Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility is able to offer the grower a total solution, both in the greenhouse and in the packaging hall. Octiva’s robotics complete this picture. Thanks to its link with Priva, it not only has access to a worldwide network, but also extensive integration with the existing management systems. The partnership with Continental that was concluded by Octiva last year also fits in with this philosophy: bringing together as many parties as possible that are top in their field. The Berkvens-Octiva alliance makes it possible to support the grower even better in choosing the optimal solution.

Total provider for worldwide projects

Arie Meeuwissen (CEO, Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility) and Tom Coen (CEO, Octiva) are the driving force behind the collaboration with a clear vision to jointly obtain and maintain a leading position in the global market for greenhouse horticulture. The goal is to be able to offer a complete range of intelligent products for all logistics and robotics issues. Tom and Arie are very enthusiastic about the collaboration. Tom: “We believe that the corporate culture, the quality of products and our innovative strength are fully compatible”. Both Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility and Octiva are already active internationally and have an excellent quality reputation. Arie adds: “Both companies work on innovative developments, often together with their customers. Efficient and ergonomic solutions are the main pillars here. The growth perspective has the overarching goal of being a total supplier for complete projects within greenhouse horticulture worldwide.”

Joint offer

Thanks to the cooperation, a customer can turn to both parties for all the challenges in the greenhouse that he encounters on a daily basis. A solution can be offered for almost every crop with the right products in disciplines such as crop care (including pipe rail trolleys), harvesting and transport (with a focus on labor savings, guaranteeing a high quality of harvested products and offering a comfortable and ergonomic working environment, from manual to AGV harvesting vehicles and in the future also fully autonomous harvesting), crop protection (such as manual and fully automatic spraying vehicles, tank spraying vehicles and both fully automatic and semi-automatic UV-C units), and scouting and collecting data (predicting harvests, detecting diseases and pests, estimating crop growth, registering labor, and much more).

Meet us at Greentech Our advisors and products will be present at GreenTech 2023 in Amsterdam. We are pleased to invite you to one of our stands: Berkvens Greenhouse Logistics: stand 02.427 and Octiva: stand 01.424. We hope to see you then!

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